Why submit?

If you are at the beginning of your academic career, receiving feedback from reviewers is always helpful, even if your article does not get published. The specific benefit of publishing in ESLA, Journal of Cultural and Literary Criticism is that there are very few academic journals focused on English studies from overseas, least from Latin America. This is our very special trait (see our “Welcome” note), which positions your paper within a specific circuit. Additionally, we celebrate the collaboration and dialogue between undergraduate and graduate students and academics that are at different points in their careers. Journal articles are very important for all academic careers: having your work published and circulating becomes an asset to your resume, whether you are applying for a scholarship or a job. In addition, articles are an excellent way to communicate ideas, and publishing in diverse journals is an opportunity to reach a wider audience. All the works published in ESLA are protected by a Creative Commons License. In other words, everyone has the right to download and share the publications with no modification, as long as they credit them properly and do not use them for commercial purposes.