Index - Issue 15

Editor's Note

Issue 15

By Allison Ramay




Translating the Poetry of Graciela Huinao: Finding the Authentic Voice Within

By Margaret Towner

Building Intertextuality in the Classroom: Approaching Edgar Allan Poe through Literary and non-Literary Resources

By Julio Uribe Ugalde



Selected Poems

By Peggy Aylsworth


By Roberto Rivera Vivencio
Translated by James Kelly

Selection of Poems

By Feliciano Sánchez Chan
Translated by José F. Bañuelos-Montes & Sally Perret


Non Fiction

Celebración día del libro. 25 de Abril de 2018. Actividad organizada por la vocalía de cultura y comunidad del CEL de la Facultad de Letras

By Sebastián Schoennenbeck Grohnert

A Great Amnesia: On Eastern Spirituality in the Work of Gabriela Mistral

By Jessica Sequeira