Former Members


Dates involved

After working with ESLA

Constanza Brahm  2011 M.F.A in Screenwriting at the New York Film Academy
Francisco Aranguiz 2010-2012  MSc in Literature and Modernity at University of Edinburgh
Beatriz Rengifo 2010-2012 MA in English in Education at King´s College London 
 Manuela Mercado 2010-2012 MSc in Literature and Modernity. University of Edinburgh
 Francisca Ibaceta 2010-2012 N/A 
Juan Pablo Vilches 2010-2012 MA in Cultural Heritage Studies at UCL 
 Valeria Tapia 2014 Union College - New York
 Kattia Ansieta 2014 Programa de Formación Pedagógica UC
 Valentina Rivera 2014 Programa de Formación Pedagógica UC
Valeska Miranda 2014 MA in Applied Linguistics in EFL, UC
 Margarita Maira 2010-2014 MA in 19th Century Literature, University of York
Florencia Roncone 2017-2018 International Affairs Office at UC
Felipe Acevedo 2015-2018 Doctor of Philosophy in Literature ©, UC